The Turtle Ad Network is a Peer-to-Peer Ad Network that is simple, fast and open source.

The Ad Network utilizes a Wordpress plugin used for managing and hosting Ads.
The Ad Network utilizes the Turtle Network blockchain for sending and purchasing Ads, directly from the Wallet, in one simple step.

Live Example: Advertise on turtlenetwork.eu
Ask a Question or just want to chat?: Telegram Group
Wordpress plugin: Install & Learn more about TAN here and how to get started.


  • Text Ad Network
  • Cost per Impression (CPI) Ads
  • Peer-to-Peer transactions
  • TANstats – Ad statistics & monitoring
  • Ad payments in TrueUSD (tUSD) or $TN (Receive 100%, no middlemen)
  • Send Ad text and payment in one easy transaction
  • Blacklist, Spam Management, Ad Stop & Start
  • Auto or manual Ad Approval
  • Multi-Ad support, Auto Rotate
  • 0.02 $TN transaction fee per Ad
  • Zero license costs