New plugin version 1.0.13 released

gord0b · August 27, 2020

Version 1.0.13, released on 26 August 2020, includes the latest Wordpress 5.5 support, so rest assured the TAN plugin works on the latest version of Wordpress!

The most important change was to the database tables (DB) structure, to include the Wordpress prefix in tables, to align to standards. Apologies for the inconvenience relating the the notes below;
NOTE: - Pls make sure to save your wallet address and Ad Segment information before updating, as it will be lost.
NOTE: - Previous ads will also run again, you can stop them or create a new Wallet Address.

A minor change was renaming two buttons in ‘Wallet Address & ‘Ad Segments’ sections.

Install: Install plugin from

[Change]: DB tables renamed to standards, backup address & ad segment settings prior.
[Review]: Wordpress 5.5 support confirmed.
[Change]: Create buttons renamed.

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