New Website & Host for Turtle Ad Network

gord0b · June 10, 2020

The idea was simple really, the Turtle Ad Network plugin is open sourced, might as well host the website and code on Github, using Github pages! Over time also keep track of the workload while expressing thoughts and updates via a blog.

Setting up Github Pages was pretty straight forward with the default guide. I created a new Organization and Repository but now required a theme… some Google searches later i found an amazing Jekyll theme from Reverie and simply forked the Reverie User Repository - Boom - basic setup done - from zero to hero in 30min or so.

Thanks to the Reverie team for a truely elegant theme

Next steps to customize was editing the _config.yml file for all default site names and values. This led me to configure a Custom URL using this guide so i could point my domain name to the repo. Followed the simple steps in the guide, logged a call with the ISP to create a CNAME in DNS (I didn’t have access), waited for DNS to sync - Fertig.

Further steps (Work-In-Progress) were really about customizing the site, removing default posts and now trying to write content.

Have a good one and keep following

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