What's the value of peer-to-peer Ads?

gord0b · July 7, 2020

The peer-to-peer (P2P) concept became popular around the year 2000, music-sharing was a big craze with the likes of Napster. P2P allowed users to connect directly to a service without an intermediary or client-server model.
Step into the current ages where large free platforms/corporations, that own user’s data, compete for advertising revenue and are essentially middlemen that receive fees for all transactions. Those corporations mostly dominate both the user data, fee and Ad market.

Now imagine removing the middlemen, costs and data mining…

P2P advertisements are competitive, and here is why;

  • Ad Payments: Receive 100% of payment.
  • Ad management: Website owner has direct full control of the management of ads.

So now include Open Source code, Blockchain and P2P, additional benefits appear;

  • Zero license costs to operate an Ad network.
  • Low transaction fees, fraction of a $ cent for each Ad sent.
  • Send an Advertisement and payment simultaneously in one transaction.
  • Blockchain wallet, owner has 100% access and each Ad gets paid directly.
  • Payments are anonymous, no private information leakage.

Hello Turtle Ad Network, some added benefits;

  • Free plugin to manage Ads on Wordpress website.
  • Easy setup.
  • Pay for Ads in True USD (tUSD), digital version of USD, or $TN.
  • Monitor Ad statistics.
  • Submit Ads via an easy customizable frontend like turtleadnetwork.com/ad/ or via the web wallet.
  • Customizable plugin, fork the code.

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